Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dana Wins a Piece of Montana!

Congratulations Dana!

I am always so pleased and surprised at the wide reach we have online. I love all the new friends I'm making. And meeting this darling of a girl is just wonderful.
Glacier National Park

Dana describes her self in the following manner:

Hey Everyone,

I'm just a 16 year old girl in high school who loves books, movies, TV show, and makeup. I love sitting on the couch or going to the theater to watch a good movie especially when it is based on a book. TV shows are another of my favorites because every week you get a new episode and you are really able to connect with the show over that period of time. I only read fictional novels but sometimes I do lapse on that but I just love the escape that books have. Whenever I am having a hard time books really take me away from that and brings me somewhere else. I also love makeup just for the confidence boost when your wearing it you could do anything.

You can contact Dana through her blog...which is awesome by the way.  What a great talent this young lady has.  I am so pleased to know her.  

Dana's Blog

Congratulations again Dana!!  Your beautiful hand blown glass piece from Aspen Hot Glass in Corvallis, Montana is on its way to you!

All the Best,

For those interested, another drawing will be held at the end of June.  This month's featured business is again, Aspen Hot Glass.  They are an amazing family!

(Visit my Enter to Win link for more information on Aspen Hot Glass and future drawings).


  1. Montana is such a spectacular state, and what a great column for your blog! Very nice to meet Dana :)

  2. Thank you Jenny for stopping by! Montana is spectacular! And Dana is wonderful.

    I hope you have a great weekend!



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