Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Kind of Wonderland

Crimson Romance
Wonderland Blog Hop!

I love books that are filled with dark and twisty deeds, liars and deceitful villains.  I also love books that have strong, brave heroes and heroines who are beautiful, intelligent and save themselves.

The books I write are filled with just those kinds of people.  Kate, in The Wanting Heart, faces a villain who's quietly terrifying.  Sarah, in Love's Justice, faces a mysterious villain who has a great capacity for killing.  And both these ladies are amazing.  They use their intelligence and quick thinking to direct their own destinies and fulfill their own wishes.  Now I can get into a book like that!!  That is my kind of about you?

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Thank you for stopping by!  And Happy Wonder-Hopping!!

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  1. I love these blog hops because I end up finding new authors (Like you!) Though, this means by TBR list grows. And grows. And grows! This isn't a bad thing, per say but there are so many hours in the day! Then again, who needs sleep when there are books to be read?! :D

    Can't wait to read your work and I wish you continued success in your writing!

    1. Kat,

      So wonderful to meet you! I am so thrilled to share my world with yours! And I totally agree...who needs sleep when there's reading to do!! :)

      Thank you for stopping in and leaving a note.

      Best of luck with the hop!

      Smiles from Montana.

  2. You have become on my top 5 favorite people to read from. Pretty clos to the top too! I love woman who are empowered and don't need ot be saved. It is nice to ahve the guy around to help us but we all don't need to be saved as much as helped normally. It is great to have books that give the power to a woman and say we cna do it tooi.

    You have inspired me to do that blog I ahv eput off. I am dilitgently trying to write one every week. I hav ethem in a folder on my computer I need to post them soon. Working on that courage. Writing them was the first step and I finally figured out what to write about.

    thank you for the inspiration.

    1. DA,

      You are just lovely! I hope we can always share such power. I truly believe women are stronger than they could ever imagine!!

      And you...yes, you'd better get that blog going! I am so excited for you. You share it quick, as soon as it's ready! I can't wait to see and read.

      I am honored to inspire. Truly honored.

      Blessed be dear friend.

      Hugs from Montana!


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